Meet The Owner

Kenneth A. Bradshaw II

Ken has been a professional dog trainer since 2003, and informally since the 70's. He has worked with prestigious Service Dog Organizations, has labored in the trenches with rescue organizations, and has helped set up rehabilitation programs to get "problem" dogs adopted into loving families. He has studied animal behavioralism in college and is also a certified veterinary assistant. Ken is dedicated to bettering the lives of dogs and their human counterparts.

Why is there a need for Colorado Canine Academy ?

During all the years Ken has been training dogs, both informally and professionally, Ken learned many different styles and philosophies of dog training. Some of these styles, he found, were harmful to the dogs, both psychologically and physically. Ken wanted a technique that was humane yet effective that didn't rely on causing distress to dogs. So, using what he learned, Ken formulated his own training protocol, that he now uses to train dogs and teaches to other trainers. And your dog can benefit from that protocol too.

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