Training options for all needs


Colorado Canine Academy offers different training options for all your training needs.

Here at Colorado Canine Academy we strive to put together the best training options for dog owners.

We offer three different levels of training, Puppy, Obedience/Manner, and Behavior training. All of which are offered with their own levels and are customizable to your needs.

We also offer group classes if that is more to your interest. These address the basics of obedience, manners, and socialization.

Your trainer will work with you during your first training session to develop a training plan that is a custom fit to your needs and priorities.

Our lessons are 50-60 minutes and are held in your home and neighborhood to facilitate the best results for your dog.

Puppy Classes

Having a good foundation of training and socialization is the most important gift we can give to our young dogs. This early training creates a bond of trust between you and your puppy. Laying this foundation early on can prevent unwanted behavior and troubles in the future, and also will make future training much easier.

  • Puppy Class Level 1: (Ages approximately 2-6 months.) These classes get an early start on setting foundation for you puppy, setting boundaries, and preparing your puppy how to cope in the world. We teach all the basic commands, introduce others, and apply techniques that teach your puppy how to stay calm. This is the Golden Time for training your puppy and introducing him to greater commands.
  • Puppy Class Level 2: (Ages approximately 5-11 months.) These classes are designed as a continuation for puppies who've completed Level 1, or those older puppies new to training. This Level prepares puppies to enter adulthood as well behaved dogs who know how to interact with strangers and other animals. All of the basic commands are taught or reinforced, along with advanced commands. This level of training can also help curb raucous behavior and is recommended for newly adopted puppies who were relinquished due to bad behavior.

Obedience and Manner Training

Our Obedience and Manner Training is taught using positive reinforcements and motivational tools, like praise, treats and toys to encourage your dog to learn proper behavior and manners. Teaching a dog what is expected of him/her is the bedrock of obedience and proper manners. Once your dog has this understanding he will follow your commands and respond to your cues with anticipation of pleasing you, the leader of the pack. (Ages 11 months on up.) (Behavioral issues, such as anxiety, fear, and aggression will be addressed in our Behavior Training Programs.)

  • Obedience Level 1: These classes teach your dog 7 basic commands, all of which are designed to instill obedience and proper manners. Furthermore, your dog will be taught how to accept food and treats without being demanding, stop jumping on people and furniture or charging through doors. Our training methods will reinforce canine good citizenship, while correcting behavior that is detrimental to an emotionally heathy dog.
  • Obedience Level 2: This is for dogs who have completed OL1 or can demonstrate similar level of training. This level of training expands on the basic commands and introduces advanced commands that further enrich the life of your dog. Level 2 takes your dog from the basic commands to being able to use commands that are useful away from the house into the big blue world.

Behavior Training Programs

Colorado Canine Academy takes behavioral problems very seriously. Issues of fear can lead to bites. Anxiety can lead to self mutilation. Each case is different and Behavioral issues need to be evaluated before a treatment/training plan can be developed. A half hour evaluation appointment must be made in advance before any sessions can be set.